May 27, 2008


The Robots are Coming

All of them. More precisely, this Saturday there is a rare confluence of space weather that brings together both Chassis and SWARM in the same space-time coordinates, namely the Laughing Squid Anniversary Party, conveniently located at Cellspace. If you're curious as to how exactly I've been wasting my time for the past year or so come on out and see the results. (Hope they work.)

Come get a drink from Chassis!


May 19, 2008


Chassis has a Posse Website

Chassis has a website.

Hosted by Laughing Squid, natürlich, who took some awesome photos of last week's Roboexotica USA. (We also got some press from Wired, yay).

Thanks to the irrepressible Magnus at SHIFZ and Skot Kuiper for the venue.

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May 7, 2008


SWARM at Coachella

Well, we threatened to do it, and by gum we did it.

We take preposterously complicated technology out to the f*cking desert and make it work. It's not even art any more, it's a giant wobbly inverted pyramid of fiendish stuff that can and will break disastrously in front of people who paid us money to do it. (Not that you care, but did you know each Orb has eight microcomputers that all have to talk to each other?) We are stupid. But we're badass enough that we've done it and will do it again.

Thanks to JDV for the pix

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