March 30, 2008


Skin care tips from Keith Richards

"No, I leave that up to other people."

-Keef, when asked about moisturizer.


March 26, 2008


Classy Chassis

Various folx remind me that blogs are for shameless self-promotion and that I should do more of that. Sorry, I forgot!

A recent creation is Chassis the Drink-Serving Robot, done up bloggy-style by Simone (thanx S!). She even posted a video.

Chassis will be coming to the San Jose Museum of Art at a gala robot-themed opening April 11. (Oops: unfortunately this is a museum members-only affair. To see Chassis in action looks like someone else needs to throw a party.)



Thhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssss is brilliannnnnnnnnt

It's Beethoven's Ninth, slowed down by a factor of about 25. That is one second of the original takes about 25 in this version, called 9 Beet Stretch.

It's very listenable ambient music, with some surprising movement. Some of the passing chords can be very dark, and stretched tympani could be the very soundtrack of Doom, but after a while it all returns to the dominant or subdominant.

What's cool is you can listen to it streaming 24/7. Perfect for hacking sessions.


March 24, 2008



Lipstick Jungle. Oh Christ. Snort.


March 9, 2008


A galactic mindblower

Just look at this baby. Be sure to zoom in on it. Wowzers.


March 5, 2008


We're all just jerky primates

This is the best baboon research ever. Really. (And it doesn't even have much to do with sex.)
No Time for Bullies: Baboons Retool Their Culture

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